Don’t Be Fooled by the American Nurses Association.

Today I came across a Facebook post saying that the American Nurses Association (ANA) “finally opts to support our rally” for Safe Staffing Ratios. The post links to the ANA page stating:

Safe Staffing Rally
On May 12, nurses will gather in Washington, DC for a grassroots event to raise awareness around safe staffing.”

By making this statement, the ANA is clearly trying to mislead the readers that it stands with our grassroots movement and supports our Staffing Ratios proposal.

Don’t get fooled by  the ANA. The truth is that the ANA has never supported and never will support the Ratios. Since 1992 the nurses around the United States are trying to convince the ANA to support the Ratios. Despite the huge success of the California Nurse-to-Patient Ratios law, the ANA refuses to support the Ratios. Instead, it supports and is actively sponsoring the hospital-written, disastrous to us, and deadly to our patients “Safe Staffing Plans” that are proven to be a huge failure in every State where the ANA’s “Safe Staffing Plan” laws were enacted. To put it in perspective look at the mortality from Hospital errors. According to recent study  Since 1998, the Mortality from preventable Hospital errors skyrocketed by at least 250% and became the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States ! We are talking about “preventable” errors that can be prevented by enactment of strong Staffing Ratios Laws in place of failed “Safe Staffing Plans” written and sponsored by the Hospital industry through the American Nurses Association.

Keep in mind that at this time there are 2 “safe staffing” proposals pending in the US Congress. One for “Staffing Plans” sponsored by the ANA and Hospital industry, and the other is ours for “Staffing Ratios”.

The most disgusting and of course unethical part is that to achieve their goal (to defeat Our “Staffing Ratios” proposal in favor of theirs “Staffing Plans“), the ANA is using our grassroots movement.


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