Hillary Clinton – Nightmare for Nurses Inc.

This article was written to show:

  • The real Hillary Clinton;
  • What she really stands for;
  • Her real attitude toward bedside nurses;
  • Hillary Clinton’s position on the most important issue for bedside nurses.

To figure out what to expect from Hillary’s presidency, we the nurses have to understand who she really is, and what she really stands for.

Here is a well-researched factual 27 min. documentary about Hillary. This should give you a pretty accurate idea of who she really is:

Now lets talk about what she really stands for when it comes to Nursing.

First of all it should be noted that Hillary Clinton has always had a little respect for what Nurses do every day.

In March of 1993, when approached by reporters after visiting her ill father who was admitted to St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center, Hillary Clinton has referred to nurses as “glorified babysitters/doctor’s handmaidens”, and stated that nurses were under-educated, under-worked, and over-paid. She has also stated that $ 12,000.00 a year was “about right” for a nurse’s salary. Back then, $12,000/year was pretty close to the poverty level.

This election cycle, because the major nurses’ union has supported Bernie Sanders, Hillary’s disrespect likely matured into a deep-seated antagonism toward bedside Nurses.

Every Nurse should know that the American Nurses Association (ANA) has declared a war on bedside Nurses. But did you know that Hillary Clinton is fighting alongside the ANA against bedside Nurses ?

Here is what she said to secure the ANA’s endorsement:

Question by the ANA: “Are you concerned that the trend toward mandatory ratios could force hospitals to close units where compliance is not feasible, and/or limit access to critical services and procedures? If so, what would you do about it?” (Comment: Note how the ANA is advocating for hospitals instead of advocating for Nurses. The exactly same argument was used by hospital industry to oppose the mandatory Staffing Ratios Law passed in California in 1999, and it was proven to be false over and over again).

Hillary Clinton “I believe nurses should be integrated into the staffing decision-making process and engaged in helping to develop flexible staffing plans that are tailored to on the ground dynamics and the needs of relevant units, such as set forth in the Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act, which requires Medicare participating hospitals to establish a committee made up of a majority of direct-care nurses to set unit specific staffing plans.” (Comment: the Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act is a piece of anti-nursing legislation proposed by the ANA on behalf of its wealthy donors as an alternative to California-style  Mandated Staffing Ratios legislation that we really need).

The ANA’s corporate sponsored “flexible staffing plans” legislation was enacted into a law in 14 States, and proven to be devastating to Nurses and deadly to our patients. Mortality from hospital errors skyrocketed and became the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.

If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidential Elections, it is almost certain that the ANA will prevail, and that the devastating “flexible staffing plans” legislation will be enacted Nationally despite the overwhelming evidence of its harm to our patients and to our profession.




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