TMH Nurses did it again ! Against all odds, the TMH RNs earn the highest Performance Score in the area.


Despite being chronically understaffed, overworked, and underappreciated, the TMH Nurses continue to outperform by providing the best nursing care in  the Youngstown-Warren area !

Thanks to Nurses, this year, the Trumbull Memorial Hospital was awarded the highest Total Performance Score in the area.

Every year, the Federal Government grades each hospital in the US that accepts Medicare. The Total Performance Score is calculated by the Federal Government based on Statistical analysis of hospital data and Patient surveys.

Total Performance Score largely reflects the quality of Nursing Care as measured by:

  • Patient Experience
  • Patient Safety
  • Clinical Process of Care, and
  • Efficiency of Care
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Comparing to previous year, the quality of Nursing Care at TMH is up by 7.8% outperforming it’s closest competitor (St. Joseph Warren Hospital) by 30.5%. 

We call on CHS to do a right thing by recognizing and rewarding the sacrifices, outstanding achievements, and stellar performance of it’s TMH Nurses. Mr. Walsh, is it too much to ask ?

RN Justice